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Welcome! Let's meet the founders and a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers. Also know about our straight forward mission!

What is PC Drink?

PCdrink provides comprehensive and detailed guides to help you choose the best and most worthy product easily. We do our best to research and test every product thoroughly to present you with a list of the best top-rated products, reviews, and a buyer's guide to help you choose the right product quickly. Thus, you will have the perfect product in just a few minutes.

What We Do?

We want to help tech lovers in finding the perfect and ready to use the product. Yes, you heard it right. We don't sell any products but help readers in purchasing the right product. We research, test, read and write authenticate and personal experience based reviews, buyer's guide, how-to guide, and descriptive step by step articles. We also list different products to match a taste for different people. We present you with a list of our best picks; thus, making it easy to choose the right product even more quickly.

What is our mission?

Nowadays, if you want to purchase a specific product, you search for the product name. Instantly a massive list of related products comes up. Then it's become tough to decide what will work great. We are sure you will know that many of them will not even fulfill your requirements. Due to many choices, it's tough to tell which one will work great. PCdrink's mission is to help and guide the reader to purchase the perfect product so that they will be happy with their purchase.

How we Review Products?

1. Research

First, we research to find a problem. We study different sources for finding people's problems.

5. Testing

We manually test the key features and working criteria to get the real time result and characteristics.

2. Identifying products

We compare and identify important features of avilable brands.

6. Ranking

We rank the products according to it's quality, features and price. We pick the the best quality products in rank them in order.

3. Selecting

We thoroughly study different key features and select the best selling and top-rated products.

7. Writing

We write in-depth and detailed description, highlight important features and include pros and cons for every selected product.

4. Product Analysis

We thoroughly study the listing description and buyer's reviews of every single product.

8. Buyer's Guide

We have included a buyer guide to help you choose the product of your needs.

Why we do this?

We know it's tough to shop for the best product. We were inquisitive when We wanted to purchase something. We decided that there will be many people that will have the exact problem of shopping. We decided to launch a website that will help people with shopping. So we did it. Now we are helping people, while on the other hand, we also earn a small amount of commission after every purchase that you make from our links. It won't cost you extra, but it will help us survive this website and bring you updated content and more review guides.

Meet our Team

Jabran Ali

Founder - CEO

I am enthusiastic and hungry for SEO. I love to study and analyze the market through my insane SEO knowledge.

Nigar Ghani


My writing will keep you in love with it. I focus on high quality love-reading contents.


Senior Editor

I am here to edit content to make it exactly what you want read. I update it daily.



I write worthy stuff to convey my ideas and thoughts in a easy and simple way.

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