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7 Best Printers For Screen Printing Transparencies

Screen printing is the process of transferring your design to Fabric. In contrast, Transparency sheets are used for screen printing to make transparent, glossy acetate film.

For silk printing or screen printing, a regular printer might get stuck, jam, or damaged; thus, our list of the 7 best printers for screen printing transparencies will make your day. 

Creating this list was very tough for us because many printers are out there, but finding a printer for screen printing transparency is not as easy as you think. 

If you want a robust printer, keep these few things in mind: resolution, speed, print quality, acceptable print media, and other additional features.

Our list includes different types of printers for various purposes.

Besides transparency, if you are looking for the best printer for screen printing positives or screen printing films. We have covered them all.

Comparing 7 Best Screen Printing Transparencies Printers

Product ImagePrinter NameFeaturesPrice

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 Screen Printing Transparencies Printer
  • Function: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
  • Speed: 24 ppm black,
    20 ppm color
  • Resolution [dpi]: 4800 x 1200
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Epson Stylus C88+ Printer
  • Function: Print
  • Speed: 23 ppm black, 14 ppm color
  • Resolution [dpi]: 5760 x 1440
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Epson Artisan 1430 Printer
  • Function: Print
  • Speed: 2.8 ppm black,
    2.8 ppm color
  • Resolution [dpi]: 5760 x 1440
Check Best Price

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Wireless Printer
  • Function: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
  • Speed: 20 ppm black, 10 ppm color
  • Resolution [dpi]: 4800 x 1200
Check Best Price

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Printer
  • Function: Print/Scan/Copy
  • Speed: 10 ppm black, 5 ppm color
  • Resolution [dpi]: 5760 x 1440
Check Best Price

Epson XP-15000 Printer
  • Function: Print
  • Speed: 9.2 ppm black, 9.0 ppm color
  • Resolution [dpi]: 5760 x 1440
Check Best Price

Canon Pixma iX6820 Printer
  • Function: Print
  • Speed: 14 ppm black, 10 ppm color
  • Resolution [dpi]: 9600 x 240
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7 Best Printers For Screen Printing Transparencies Review in 2024

Let’s find out why these printers are on our list and the features, strengths, and printing quality that make them the best for transparency printing — now reviewing each in detail.

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 | Best Printer For Screen Printing [Editor’s Choice]

HP OfficeJet 9025 all in one Printer for screen printing transparencies

Undoubtedly, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 is the best printer for screen printing transparency because of its steady performance and various features. 

Its small Footprint will print some enlarged documents with fantastic clarity, and an excellent combination of productivity will considerably change your screen printing.

HP 9025 is an all-in-one printer, a complete solution for screen printing films because it can easily print, scan, copy, and fax.

Isn’t it fantastic that you are getting all the paperwork tools into one toolbox?

Its impressive print speed of 20 pages per minute for color documents and 24 pages per minute for black pages makes it an excellent addition to consider for screen printing. 

If you are running a home-based office or small printing business of transparency, this will catch your attention because it produces incredible-quality graphics. 

Let’s find out why it’s an excellent fit for your business or personal work and why we like it the most. 

The only printer that helps your business to organize your tasks promptly. 

You can save a lot of time through HP smart App for performing different all-in-one actions and intelligent operations like printing and scanning from cloud services. 

Sometimes you will want to take advantage of online features such as doing AIO on email or saving your documents to cloud service. 

Then, of course, security issues might arise.

But don’t worry; HP also has a solution for that. It has a built-in security feature that uses a simple algorithm to encrypt your data and protect your password to ensure you’re connected to the correct network.

You know how hard it is for a business that frequently requires prints of receipts and emails. You don’t need to worry more; these devices enable you to organize your documents up to 50% faster and easier. 

The model is compatible with HP instant ink.

All you need to do is sign up for HP instant ink to become eligible, then set up a monthly dose for your inks that you think will be enough for a monthly cycle. So enjoy instant Ink delivered to your doorstep automatically.  

Now your printing on transparencies is in your hand. You control screen printing and can’t go wrong with HP 9025.


  • Awesome printing speed
  • Excellent graphics
  • Robust built quality
  • Duplex printing, as well as scanning
  • Auto-connecting WiFi feature
  • The color touchscreen creates a shortcut for the most frequently used operations.


  • Smaller Touch screen
  • Scan quality is not good enough
  • Expensive than other models with the same features

2. Epson Stylus C88+ | Best for All [Runners up]

Epson Stylus C88+ High resolution Inkjet Printer for Screen Printing

You know, handling transparency is not an easy task for every printer.

We need a printer that is not just fast but also accepts a variety of sizes.

Epson Stylus C88 is one printer that accepts 11 x 19-inch paper.

Most architects and artists love this model because the standard size for printing is 11 x 17.

However, if you need a giant printout, this model can quickly fulfill your needs.

The best part we like the most is generating borderless printing of up to 8.5 x 11-inch paper. It is very beneficial for screen printing film and transparencies.

For screen printing transparency, you need a robust solution with a high resolution.

With Stylus C88, you can print at a high resolution of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi. The quality of your images will be crispy and sharp. The Print it produces is worth framing.

You will be surprised that apart from high-resolution prints, it also has a high printing speed.

The device can print 14 ppm for color documents and 23 ppm for black pages. 

Such high speed can help you to complete your project in less time. The more momentum a printer has, the more time you can save.

Furthermore, Epson gives you ultra-quality results using its advanced DURABrite pigment ink system.

The Ink works well and produces impressive results on glossy, plain, and transparent print media. 

The ink cartridges are also built individually: you can replace that particular color whenever your Ink runs out.

If you have a Mac or Windows, it does not matter. Epson has excellent connectivity features that allow it to connect with Mac or Windows.

You can connect both of them simultaneously through its USB port.

Epson Stylus C88+ is the ultimate solution for screen printing because it produces incredible graphics for every document type.

You can achieve superior results for almost any project using its advanced ink system. 

If you want to print just text or professional images on transparent paper, you will always get professional results from its robust working structure. 

If you are more concerned about graphics and acceptable documents, then Stylus 88+ must be your choice because it’s designed for dealing with such kinds of papers.


  • Excellent graphics
  • High printing speed
  • Individual Ink system
  • Borderless printing
  • smudge resistant documents
  • The photo editing system comes with some image adjustment features
  • Well designed


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Not an all-in-one printer means no scanner, fax, or copy feature
  • The convenient ink system is based on refilling the particular ink cartridges; it will not let you print if a specific ink cartridge runs out (if you want to print black and white and Cyan color out, it will not work.)

3. Epson Artisan 1430 | Best Inkjet Printer For Ultra HD Graphics [Premium Choice]

Epson Artisan 1430 wireless printer to print on transparencies

Screen printing transparencies should not be limited to specific print sizes.

Many times you might require a larger print size with ultra-high resolution.

Don’t worry; finally, we have something that can produce wide-format printing as large as 13 x 19 inches. 

Besides that, you are getting the benefits of ultra HD graphics.

Now, you don’t need to worry about graphics and printing quality.

The Epson wide-format printer has everything you need for your screen printing.

Combining the 6-color Claria ink system takes printing to a whole new level. When you start seeing your prints, the genuine feeling is the same as you captured. 

High-resolution printers are perfect for transparent acetate film. As far as Epson is concerned, they are more remarkable about your image quality.

DX5 MicroPiezo technology has changed the game of printing. This lets you print your picture with up to 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution.

The technology focuses on generating enlarged images in the highest possible pixels.

You might know that high resolution will help your pictures last longer and look more vivid. 

Like our premium pick Epson Stylus C88+, this model also uses an Individual Ink Cartridges system. Thus, you must refill that color only when you are out of the ink cartridge.

This is not an all-in-one printer, so it prints and does nothing else, but what it does is incredible.

After knowing the connectivity options, I am pleased, i.e., wireless, Ethernet, and USB. You can enable wireless printing and Print or manage your documents straight from your phone.

It supports Android and iPhone devices. Also, you can take advantage of Ethernet and Print from your Windows or Mac devices.


  • Ultra HD printing quality
  • Very high resolution
  • Separate CD/DVD tray
  • Wide-format, accept up to 13-inch papers
  • Wireless-ready
  • 6-ink system
  • Included different elements for graphics software like Adobe


  • Bulky and pricey
  • Expensive than its competitors

It is designed for Print only. This means you cannot scan, copy, fax, or do duplex printing.

However, you must manually flip the page for duplex or dual-side printing. Also, it does not have an Automatic document feeder.

It can be your best printer for screen printing transparencies if you don’t need all those features.

4. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 | Best All-in-One Printer for Screen Printing

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 best all-in-one wireless printer for transparencies

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is another all-in-one best printer for printing screen transparency.

Like other models, it is fast, durable, energy-efficient, and significant enough to produce ten pages per minute for color and 20 pages per minute for black and white documents. 

Another good thing is that this device has everything that an all-in-one printer should have. 

If you are running a home-based office or small business, saving more and more time while working is the most critical factor.

This printer has original productivity features, especially for printing transparency, and its small Footprint will fit easily on your desk.

Now you can organize your documents 50% faster using its unique online features. It lets you print, scan, copy, and fax straight from your cloud services. These services are called Smart Tasks.

Smart tasks can make your work more intelligent and transparent; now, you can use your smartphone’s innovative features. HP has a separate App compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

By using your phone, you can control all functionalities of your printer. But the most helpful thing that we like is that you can monitor the ink levels.

If you don’t want to print from your phone, another option is to use an Ethernet or USB port. You can print directly from its control panel.

In this, the 2.65 color touch screen display can help you. It allows you to navigate through all its features easily. 

The App and Color touchscreen display helps you create a customizable shortcut for your most frequently used operations. 

From a technical perspective, it’s a helpful feature for those who don’t have enough knowledge about customizing the printing features.

You may call a technical expert to save settings of your most required formats or select a recommended location for screen printing transparencies, so you can easily use them next time.

You don’t need to be worried about Ink cartridges. HP has a solution; they use an advanced technological system called Instant Ink.

You have to sign-up for HP Instant Ink. Once you sign up for the service, your printer will track your ink levels.

The printer will automatically place an order at the lowest possible price from Amazon Dash Replenishment whenever it runs out.

It has an auto document feeder that accepts up to 35 pages. It can help foster your silk screen printing of transparencies by automatically feeding the pages to the feeder.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is not limited to printing but is the ultimate scanning solution. Now you can scan the way you want. All the printing features are available for scanning as well. 

Furthermore, this is the first device in our list of the best printer for screen printing transparency voice-activated.

This means it supports Google Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant to give voice commands to perform basic printing jobs without touching the printer.


  • Excellent graphics and primarily suitable for screen printing
  • Auto duplex printing
  • automatic document feeder
  • Small Footprint and Lightweight
  • Due to HP Instant Ink. It has a low cost per Print
  • Borderless and wide-format printing
  • Budget-friendly


  • Small control panel and too-sensitive touchscreen
  • Only one input source

5. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 | Best Low Running Cost Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is low  Running Cost Printer for transparencies

Epson ET-2720 is a simple yet powerful All-in-One printer with Super Tank ink cartridges.

This time Epson has designed a helpful machine to save money on Ink while handling screen printing transparencies.

If you know about inkjet, you may also learn how Ink is essential and how much it will cost per Print. 

Epson lets you experience its superior printer with low-cost ink replacement and easy-to-refill ink cartridges.

Thus, they provide you with up to 2 years of Ink in the box. 

The included ink cartridges can print up to 4,000+ pages for black and up to 7,500 pages for color documents. Isn’t it great?

It is handy for beginners, as you are getting free Ink. So you can freely use it to produce trial prints for your screen printing transparencies and practice more to know whether your printer works better or not.

Also, it helps you to learn and become familiar with the features and settings. 

Almost all inkjet printers produce beautiful graphics today, and ET-2720 is doing the same.

The print quality is excellent, thus making it the best addition for home-based offices or small businesses. 

For producing such amazing graphics, the 4-ink technology helps a lot.

Recently you learned that HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is a voice-activated printer, but if you are on a tight budget and need that cool feature, then the EcoTank ET-272 model offers you the same feature at an affordable price.

It comes with a single 100 Sheet Rear tray for paper inserting. It’s not a standard 250 sheets tray, but it is unnecessary if you don’t want to do a lot of bulk printing. 

It works well with macOS and Windows, but the best thing is it allows mobile printing.

All you have to do is connect it to your Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, or iPad through WiFi Direct, and you are ready to make your first Print.

Besides that, you can take your screen printing transparency to the next level by using borderless printing that accepts up to 4 x 6-inch paper. 

The ET-2720 has pretty good features for screen printing, but it lacks some useful features like auto duplex and Ethernet connectivity. 

We also don’t like the speed because it generates 10 pages per minute for monochrome and about 5 pages per minute for color documents.

Keeping the low-speed and small paper tray on the other side is a well-built entry-level printer, but some people might not want to purchase it.

However, if you don’t need those features and don’t like to do bulk prints, it might put you into whether to purchase it or not.


  • Exceptional built-in quality and average print quality
  • Voice-activated
  • Up to 2 Years of Ink in the box
  • Meager running cost per Print
  • Lightweight
  • Support wireless printing


  • Noisy
  • Prolonged speed
  • Input tray capacity is also low
  • No duplex and Ethernet support

6. Epson XP-15000 | Best Printer For Screen Printing Film

Epson Expression XP-15000 Photo Printer for screen printing

Epson XP-15000 is a brilliant choice if you want ultra HD prints of your screen printing transparencies.

The individual six-color Claria ink system is the hidden truth behind its excellency and excellent graphics.

It’s designed to only focus on generating frames worth of pictures.

In addition to color prints, the ink system has Red and Gray ink specifically for black and white printing.

This individual system can take your monochrome printing to the whole next level.

For screen printing, transparency, graphics, and picture quality is the first thing to consider. Thus, the 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution will help a lot to give you incredible performance.

Indeed, now print wide-format tabloid size (13×19 inch) on transparencies with borderless printing in the exact resolution it uses.

However, you can print any documents at 13 by 19. Also, you can adjust the paper tray according to the size you need.

Wide-format printers are the choice of future-minded people.

Who knows what you will need in the future?

It is better to take a wide-format printer, so whenever in the future you need a wide-format printer, you will not need to change or purchase another.

In addition to screen printing transparencies, a 50-sheet special rear tray is installed inside to accept other print media like cardstock, glossy, etc. You can use the tray for borderless printing up to 4 x 6 and 13 x 19.

The device has another front tray that can handle up to 200 pages simultaneously.

Besides that, you are getting automatic 2-sided printing capability.

Everyone likes to have faster printers for their paperwork.

Epson Expression has a decent speed; you can print up to 9.2 pages per minute for black and 9 pages per minute of color documents.

They have covered both if you like to enjoy wireless or wired printing.

All you need to do is connect with your printer; you are ready to go because it supports various options.

It is the first printer on our list, equipped with a 2.4 color LCD.

If you don’t want to use wireless features often, another option is to use the simple and easy navigation control panel. You must use the buttons available with its display to control the printing features. 

Epson Expression XP-15000 focuses on generating vivid and bright graphics, but this printer lacks some features. It is not an all-in-one device, meaning you cannot scan, copy, or fax.

Thus, it only does printing, but what it does is very professional.


  • Excellent printing quality
  • Wide-format and borderless prints (4×6 and up to 13 x 19 inches)
  • Compact design and easily fits on your desk
  • Support Automatic document feeder and duplex printing
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Individual 6-color Claria ink system


  • Expensive Ink (High running cost per Print)
  • Slow print speed

7. Canon Pixma iX6820 | Best Low Budget Printer for transparencies [Very High Resolution]

Canon Pixma iX6820 best printer for transparencies

Canon iX6820 is a great competitor for those providing the same feature at a high price.

If you need a wireless screen printer with exceptional quality for your business, you will not go wrong with it.

It is designed for offices to enhance productivity and take your clicks or projects to a new level through its 9600 x 2400 maximum color dpi.

Behind such fantastic quality and graphics, there is a 5-ink individual cartridge system.

After knowing about individual ink systems, I am sure you may see that you must replace only the color that runs out or needs for your prints.

If you print on transparencies or any other print media, you will be impressed to know that it accepts super tabloid size and publishes anything in the range of 4 x 6 to 11 x 17 inches.

That size is just for printing simple spreadsheets and charts.

You can even print bigger sizes of up to 13 x 19 inches.

The printer has some useful software to help further your prints look incredible.

Suppose you have a Canon EOS Digital SLR or any powerful shot digital camera.

In that case, the built-in HD Movie print software can turn your digital pictures into reality with vivid and the same look as you captured.

Another helpful software is called My Image Garden.

It helps organize your prints better and allows you to play with your pictures by applying different filters. Furthermore, you can adjust and automatically the settings according to your taste.

Another tool, Pixma Printing Solution (PPS), is also developed for mobile printing. Allow you to print and scan photos straight from your mobile phone.

In this, AirPrint technology can further help to take Print wirelessly.

Your print quality defines your project. Thus to further give you an outstanding printing experience, this device uses ChromaLife100+ and FINE print technology.

This makes sure to generate high-quality and borderless prints that can last for up to 300 years.

There are three standard options for connectivity, i.e., Wireless, Ethernet, and USB. These options make printing easier.

The printing speed is also pretty good, as you can print up to 14.5 pages per minute for black and 10.4 images per minute for color documents. 

It is not an all-in-one printer, but it’s an excellent fit for screen printing and transparency because of its superb graphics and unique tools that enhance productivity and projects.


  • Vivid, clear, and excellent graphics
  • Individual ink system
  • Different tools, filters, and software to make your prints even better
  • Wide-format 
  • Low-priced
  • Faster
  • Auto document feeder of up to 150 sheets
  • Easy to set up


  • Only a Single paper tray
  • No Duplex. 
  • Don’t have a scan, fax, or copy options
  • Use a lot of Ink

How To Pick The Best Printer For Screen Printing Transparencies

There are a lot of Screen Printing printers on the market that you can use for screen printing transparencies.

So, how do you know which one to buy? And which one will be perfect for your business?

Here is a buyer guide to help you make the best decision for your business.

1. Inkjet or laser printers

First and foremost, you need to consider what type of printer you need.

Inkjet printers are the most common type of printer for screen printing transparencies.

They are relatively affordable and produce high-quality results. However, they are slower than laser printers.

Laser printers are faster than inkjet printers and tend to produce sharper textual documents, and some can even produce good graphics, but they are more expensive.

If you are concerned with your graphics and mainly deal with photos, then a high-quality inkjet printer is perfect for you, but if graphics aren’t essential, a laser printer is your best investment.

2. Price and Print Quality

Another important thing you should consider is the price of the printer.

You need to find a printer that fits your budget.

But don’t sacrifice quality for the price. It’s essential to find a balance between the two.

As with most products, you get what you pay for printers.

The more expensive the printer, the higher the print quality. However, this isn’t always true.

Some mid-priced printers produce excellent output. It depends on your needs and budget.

3. Print Resolution:

The Print quality is measured in terms of resolution. This is the number of dots per inch (dpi) that the printer can produce.

The higher the resolution, the better the print quality will be.

Today, most printers have a resolution of 600 dpi or more. However, some pointers can produce resolutions as high as 9600 x 2400 dpi.

Remember that the resolution isn’t the only factor determining the print quality. This also contributes to the type of paper you use and the settings of your printer, which all affect the print quality.

4. Printing speed

If you plan to do a lot of printing, you must find a printer that can handle your workload.

Printing speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm). The higher the number, the faster the printer.

For example, a printer with a speed of 18 ppm can print 18 pages in one minute.

You should also consider the time it takes for the first page to print (known as the time to the first page or TTF). This is important if you don’t want to wait for your prints.

Some color printers have a printing speed of up to 30 ppm, while others can take up to 60 seconds to print the first page.

So you should consider the print speed when choosing a printer for screen printing transparency.

5. Print size

The standard print size for screen printing is 11″ x 11″. However, some businesses need to print larger or smaller sizes.

If you plan to print large transparencies, you’ll need a printer to accommodate your needs.

The maximum print size for most printers is 13″ x 19″. However, some industrial-sized printers can print up to 60″ wide.

You should consider the maximum print size of the printer. This way, you can rest assured that your printer can handle your printing needs.

It would be best to know what size suits your screen printing transparencies. This will help you easily choose a printer according to your requirements.

6. Paper holding tray

You must also consider how much paper the printer tray can hold simultaneously.

The paper holding tray capacity is measured in sheets. The average capacity for most screen printing transparencies printers is 250 sheets. However, some can hold up to 1000 sheets.

You should find a printer that can hold the amount of paper you need.

Otherwise, you’ll constantly be reloading the paper tray, which will be time-consuming.

7. Additional Features To Look For

When purchasing a printer for screen printing transparency, there are some additional features that you might want to look for because they can boost your printing process.

Some printers have dedicated software that makes designing and printing your transparencies easy. Others have features that make aligning your prints on the screen easier.

Here are a few things that can make your printing process effortless:

Auto-feed feature: This allows you to simultaneously load multiple sheets of paper to the printer.

Borderless printing lets you print your transparencies without setting any margins or borders.

Print preview: This allows you to see a preview of your design before it’s printed.

Duplex Printing: This allows you to print on both sides of the paper, saving your paper and time.

All-In-One Printers: This printer can scan, copy, and fax documents.

These are just a few features that you might want to consider when purchasing a printer for screen printing transparency.

You should take the time to research each printer and find one that has the features you need.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing the best printer for screen printing transparencies depends on your budget, requirements, and the quality of prints that you want. 

The more features, clear prints, and speed you want, the more you have to pay.

It would be best to go with a high-quality and high-resolution printer for your screen printing because the print quality is the backbone of your screen printing transparency.

That’s why our list only has high-quality and ultra HD printers to help your business or personal work grow and impress your clients with your design.

Every printer has pros and cons, but you should seek and research well before putting your hand on someone.  

You should be aware that every printer will not be compatible with printing on transparencies because dealing with screen printing is hard, and you might face paper jamming and ink smudges issues. 

Knowing the features and supported print media before purchasing one is essential.

However, Our list of the 7 best printers for screen printing has all those robust printers that can easily compete with your desired dreams and give you real-time results that will impress you and your team members.


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